VAL-6 Heaters

Super efficient, portable, clean heat – VAL6 delivers all that and more. Indoors, outdoors, warming people, equipment, and materials, the VAL6 outperforms “torpedo” and “salamander” type heaters with almost three times the VAL6 BTU output. The key is Infrared Heat and innovative design. Our knowledgeable team can help you select which model will work best for you and we generally ship the same day you order (orders before 2PM MT). Choose among our four most popular models.

Hundreds of Uses

  • Field Repair
  • Job Site
  • Cold Spot in Warehouse or Plant
  • Keep Employees Warm
  • Keep Material from Freezing
  • Keep Engines and Equipment Warm

VAL6 Infrared Heater Advantages

  • Economical - less than half the fuel of a torpedo heater for the same feeling of warmth
  • Heats Objects Like the Sun Heats the Earth
    • Not affected by drafts
    • Not affected by mist
    • Radiant heat does not tend to rise like heated air
    • No energy wasted blowing heated air
  • Heat a Wider Area
  • Almost 100% Energy to Heat Conversion - No Smoke or Odor
  • Durable - Long Life Reduces Replacement Cost
  • Simple to Operate and Maintain
  • Portable - Convenient Wheels and Pull Handle
  • Stackable for Warm Weather Storage




Heat Output

145,600 BTU/h - High

107,200 BTU/h - Low

118,000 BTU/h - High

100,000 BTU/h - Low
111,000 BTU/h 51,200 BTU/h
Fuel Kerosene, Diesel Kerosene, Diesel Kerosene, Diesel Kerosene, Diesel
Power Source 120V/60Hz 120V/60Hz 120V/60Hz 120V/60Hz
Power Consumption 150W 80W 80W 120W
Continuous Run Time Up to 15 Hrs. Up to 15 Hrs. 9 Hrs. 5 Hrs.
Fuel Tank Size 16.5 Gal. 15.1 Gal. 9.0 Gal. 2.6 Gal.
Safety Devices Photocell Flame Monitor, 3A Fuse, Tip Over Switch Photocell Flame Monitor, 3A  Fuse, Tip Over Switch Photocell Flame Monitor, 3A Fuse, Tip Over Switch Photocell Flame Monitor, 3A Fuse, Tip Over Switch
Fuel Consumption

1.10 gal/h - High

0.79 gal/h - Low

0.90 gal/h - High

0.75 gal/h - Low

0.85 gal/h 0.45 gal/h
External Dimension (H x W x D) 38.4 x 25.4 x 46.5 (in) 36.3 x 28.0 x 29.2 (in) 36.1 x 25.8 x 27.7 (in) 23.4 x 12.2 x 22.8 (in)
Dry Weight 110.0 lbs 92.6 lbs 83.8 lbs 40.0 lbs
Features Built-in Thermostat High/Low Switch

Thermostat Option
High/Low Switch

Thermostat Option Thermostat Option

VAL6 - Your Best Decision for Portable Heat

Fuel Savings - Pays for Itself in One Season

Fuel Consumption Rate

  • Torpedo Heater (300BTU)
2.4 gal/h
  • VAL6 KBE5S
  • VAL6 Fuel Consumption Improvement
1.55 gal/h
VAL6 Savings per Hour - Pick Your Fuel Cost
  • At $3.50/gal Diesel
  • At $4.00/gal Diesel
  • At $4.50/gal Diesel
VAL6 Savings per Season - 50 Eight Hr. Days (400 Hrs)
  • At $3.50/gal Diesel
  • At $4.00/gal Diesel
  • At $4.50/gal Diesel
And Also:  
  • Very Quiet
  • Smokeless - no burning eyes, sore throat, headaches
  • Low moisture - Dry heat
  • More Durable - Longer Life

Temperature Diagrams

Comparison Diagram for Temperature Distribution

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