F30The stainless steel cart mounted F-30 is great for ornamental products, smaller jobs, touch up, and swimming pool etching. Very portable, very durable, very affordable. 

The same great technology and performance found in our mobile units adapted for use in permanent etching areas.

For ornamental or pre-casters doing smaller pieces, the K-3003 delivers solid performance and high productivity. Intricate castings are no problem - the ability to etch quickly with a powered spray eliminates the pooling, over-etching/under-etching common to other methods.

The high powered gasoline or diesel engine provides ample flow of hot water and chemical combined at pressure for a very rapid, high quality etch. Our patented Chemical Induction System is the only method that delivers this level of performance.

The World’s Best Precast Concrete Etching Systems

There is no better finish for concrete than acid etching. Acid etching sparkles compared to the dull aggregate of sand-blasting and say good-bye to silica dust, worm holes, efflorescence, and other issues. And there is no better way to acid etch than with a Kem-O-Kleen. That’s why there are Kem-O-Kleen systems in place at 70%+ of the nation’s largest architectural precasters, and many other precast, dry-cast, wet cast and FRC locations. Multiple unit installations, strong repeat purchases, and our specialized experience, are further testimony to the product's effectiveness.