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    Manufacturers of Specialized Cleaning & Etching Systems


Unique Industries manufactures innovative Kem-O-Kleen hot water pressure acid washing systems that dynamically allow you to complete several different types of jobs more efficiently. There are no other products in the industry that work the same as our mobile and stationary cleaning units. Our unique cleaning and etching systems will allow you to complete your work faster, cleaner, and safer.

Our Kem-O-Kleen systems are used across the nation to expedite workloads and provide safer work environments for building restoration, industrial cleaning, masonry cleaning, and even acid etching for Architectural Precast and GFRC.



Benefits of Kem-o-Kleen Systems

  • Stationary and Mobile hot water/chemical power washing and etching capabilities
  • More efficient job completion with a larger work envelope.
  • Ease of use and ease of adjusting functionality
  • Customer service and parts support
  • A reliable system that is easy to maintain.

The Industry Standard In

Easy chemical power washing means no more harsh chemicals in buckets with back-breaking labor to complete the job.


Provide your clients or your own facility with high-quality and compliant cleaning services with the ease of chemical power washing.


Eliminate hours of labor and exposure to harsh chemicals with no more need to scrub buildings from top to bottom.


Improve practicies and efficiency over sandblasting and other acid etching processes with our easy to use equipment.