Improve Your Industrial Cleaning Processes

When it comes to building restoration, industrial cleaning, masonry cleaning, and architectural precast or GFRC Etching – The same processes and techniques have been used for years. Unique Industries has developed a game-changing product that will save you time and money while making your job easier and safer at the same time.

Our acid etching and industrial cleaning systems have been designed to meet the needs of all of these various markets while improving on age-old processes.

Above you can find the list of our products tailored for each industry. We also provide parts for repairs for existing customers which can be found here.

We provide a variety of mobile and stationary units to meet the various needs of these different industries. Our innovative products are unlike any other systems on the market for acid etching and building or masonry cleaning and restoration. Utilizing our systems requires less manpower which can reduce project labor costs when compared to common practices for each of these trades.

Our systems allows for variable options to utilize power washing, acid washing, and adjust the temperature depending on the functions you are using it for.

We provide financing, customer support, and parts to help our customers get up and running and keep their systems operating at full capacity. The variable flow of hot water and chemical wash allows for rapid cleaning and high-quality etching – either stationary or on the go.