Custom Equipment

See our lineup of for-lease for-sale modified machines below:


Skid Mounted MK7-D
Skid Mounted MK3 with Electric Motor

Every piece of equipment has its own purpose, its own reason for operating every day, and sometimes the basic factory-standard parts or setups just aren’t enough. If you’re someone who demands specialized features or more power from your equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Pressure and power washing can be fickle at points, and no one knows this better than a pressure/power washer operator – for best results in unique situations and tough-to-clean surfaces, you may find a customer machinery kit to be just the thing you need. We here at Unique Industries are able to tailor-make your cleaning equipment to suit your specific needs or wants, modifying individual aspects so as to better perform just how you need it to. 

Our customization capabilities are best-in-class in the Denver area. Thanks to our team of mechanical experts, we’re able to tear down our equipment and rebuild it to your specifications. We can add components to your equipment, boosting their performance or expanding their capabilities, as well as provide other pieces of equipment to compliment your custom gear’s performance. We can, for instance, modify your cleaning machinery to run water at high temperatures and/or to increase water pressure while washing, allowing you to perfectly tool your machine to fit the exact type of surface that needs cleaning – no matter how old or fragile. And no matter how minute the change, or the sheer quantity of changes you need to make in the pursuit of the perfect piece of equipment, you can trust the experts at Unique to get the job done right.

Or if you need a cosmetic change alongside a components change, we’ve got you covered there too. Choose from our wide selection of colors to paint your machinery to match your brand, or choose a high visibility color to help improve workplace safety. No matter how you choose to color your machinery, there’s nothing better than color to boost your machine’s visibility and give your operation an added air of professionalism.

No matter what your job demands, at Unique Industries we’ll be happy to help provide you with the best piece of custom machinery possible. We’ll consider any type of unique request you have for any applicable machine, and work hard to make sure that everything runs smoothly by the time it leaves our shop. We’ll treat your machine as if it were our own, and that’s a promise.

If you’d like to know more about our equipment customization program and capabilities, feel free to reach out using the ‘Contact Us’ button above. We’d be happy to provide you with more information about our numerous customization options, an answer any questions you may have about customization in the process. When you need custom pressure and power cleaning equipment in Denver, Unique Industries is the name you can trust – we can guarantee that you’ll love your new piece of equipment, and that it suits your unique needs perfectly.