Masonry Cleaning

Masonry Cleaning and RestorationFor decades, masonry cleaning and restoration has relied on the same increasingly outdated processes and equipment. It was backbreaking and rudimentary – arduous scrubbing with a mixture of harsh chemicals and hot water – but it was the only tried and true method for cleaning masonry. Recently, however, pressure and chemical washing has grown in popularity thanks to its versatility, speed, and for making manual scrubbing obsolete. While a convenient and powerful solution, there are several key areas where pressure washing falls short.

This is where we step in. Our Kem-O-Kleen systems were engineered to provide the most optimal flow of heat, high-pressure water, and chemical agents to clean masonry surfaces faster and more effectively than anything else on the market. Thanks to their highly adjustable pressure, water temperature, and chemical output, Kem-O-Kleen systems can clean any masonry surface – no matter the age, integrity, or any other factor. Where other pressure washers have only a few settings, if any, Kem-O-Kleen has countless spraying combinations that allow it to perfectly treat any masonry surface you can throw at it. Especially in the case of old or fragile buildings, don’t assume any power washer will do – invest in a Kem-O-Kleen unit and keep your surfaces’ integrity and character intact.

Before, chemical washing was a hazardous job. It involved directly handling harsh chemicals and dangerously hot water, which could potentially cause real harm if the cleaner wasn’t careful. The alternative was to either forego chemicals and use a traditional pressure washer, or to put one’s safety at risk, but Kem-O-Kleen has solved this dilemma. Now, chemical cleaners can work with chemicals and hot water safely, without having to directly handle and apply them to the surface. And not only is the risk of chemical exposure mitigated, but the inevitable back pain that results from manual scrubbing is now a thing of the past. Kem-O-Kleen is the best solution for both cleaner surfaces and safer, happier chemical cleaners.

If you are ready to learn more about our masonry cleaning solutions, view our lineup of Kem-O-Kleen units below. Whether your need your unit to be portable, high-powered, or anything in between, we have the unit that will best fit your chemical cleaning needs. To learn more about a specific unit, click any “Learn More” button.


Masonry Cleaning Units


The F-30

The stainless steel cart mounted F-30 is great for smaller jobs. Very portable, very durable, very affordable. Experience has shown the pressure/flow rates at which the water and chemical systems are set generate optimum results under most circumstances. Adjustment of either is easy when unusual situations are encountered. Regardless of the situation, the ...
K3003 mobile masonry cleaning unit


Formerly model K-3003. The flagship of our Masonry Cleaning machines optimizes pressure (agitation), heat and the ability to use muriatic acid (or other chemicals) in the high pressure stream, resulting in fast thorough cleaning. Applications New Masonry Cleaning Masonry Restoration Cleaning Forms, Mixers, other Equipment Etching Concrete Cleaning Fiberglass Structures ...

MK7 – Mobile Unit

Formerly model K-3007. The high powered gasoline or diesel engine provides ample flow of hot water and chemical combined at pressure for a very rapid, high quality etch. Our patented Chemical Induction System is the only method that delivers this level of performance. Applications Precast Concrete Etching Cleaning brick faced ...

Graffiti Removal From Bricks

Unwanted graffiti and vandalism of a commercial building not only damages its fabric but also the reputation of a business. It gives off the impression that a company doesn’t care about its public image, which can put off prospective customers. Some types of graffiti in residential buildings can contribute to ...