Graffiti Removal From Bricks

Unwanted graffiti and vandalism of a commercial building not only damages its fabric but also the reputation of a business. It gives off the impression that a company doesnt care about its public image, which can put off prospective customers. Some types of graffiti in residential buildings can contribute to social unrest by giving the impression of high crime rates in the area or gang-related activities.

Removing graffiti at the earliest restores the exterior of your building to its original state and shuns such perceptions. However, removing graffiti from brick can be challenging because of its uneven surface. Its porosity also means the applied paint is absorbed, making it difficult to scrape or wipe off.

But theres no cause for alarm. Here are the simple steps to follow when removing graffiti from bricks.


Step 1: Safety First

Some of the chemicals used in cleaning graffiti have dangerous fumes that can have adverse effects on the lungs when inhaled for long or cause skin problems when you come into contact with them. To protect your eyes from the chemical, put on safety goggles and also wear a face mask to avoid breathing the chemicals fumes.

Work gloves to protect your hands from the corrosive chemicals are also vital.

Step 2: Chemical Application

The spray paints used in graffiti art are strong and potent. Youll need some removal chemicals to get rid of the graffiti easily. There are numerous solvent solutions available in the market for graffiti removal, and you can find them in your local stores or from reputable online shops. After finding the right product, all you need to do is apply the solvent to the graffiti as per the manufacturers directions.

Step 3: Wait

After application, let the chemical sit before you can start scrubbing. Follow the manufacturers recommendations on how long the solvent should sit. However, if not indicated, the time should depend on the prevailing conditions. Let the chemical sit for a longer time if the paint is highly saturated, the brick is extremely porous or the temperature is cold. Proceed to scrub with a brush to loosen the paint. Make sure to thoroughly scrub the entire area, removing as much paint as possible.

Step 4: Pressure Wash the Area

Pressure wash the area using a wide, fan tip pressure washing nozzle. A pressure washer is highly recommended for graffiti removal on bricks because bricks are highly porous, and it might be difficult for the graffiti remover formula to reach all the paint. The pressure washer helps remove the clinging paint.

Step 5: Repeat if Necessary

Leave the wall to air dry. If there is still some stubborn paint remaining, repeat the process until all the graffiti has come off.

Its important to note that you should avoid using harsh acids or a metal bristled brush to clean the graffiti. They both etch the brick, and there are chances the metal bristles from the brush could leave rust stains behind. However, if you want to etch the bricks, do so to the entire wall to ensure it matches.

In your quest to remove graffiti, you can consider hiring professional graffiti removal services. But if you choose to remove the graffiti yourself, ensure you have the right products. At Unique Industries, we offer the highest quality pressure washers to help you in your quest

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