Concrete Etching Machines

The World’s Best Precast Concrete Etching Systems

There is no better finish for concrete than acid etching. Acid etching sparkles compared to the dull aggregate of sand-blasting and say good-bye to silica dust, worm holes, efflorescence, and other issues. And there is no better way to acid etch than with a Kem-O-Kleen. That’s why there are Kem-O-Kleen systems in place at 70%+ of the nation’s largest architectural precasters, and many other precast, dry-cast, wet cast and FRC locations. Multiple unit installations, strong repeat purchases, and our specialized experience, are further testimony to the product’s effectiveness.

  • Cut etching time to less than half that of traditional methods – quick pay-back on investment
  • Thorough, consistent etching – very effective on detail where acid can pool or miss coverage using traditional methods
  • Use less chemical to do the job – designed for muriatic acid
  • Better finish – aggregate not dulled as with sandblasting
  • Precise control of chemical quantity applied
  • Rugged durable construction – designed for the job site
  • 200’ of full jacket hose – covers plenty of area
  • A variety of models to fit all applications and budgets

High volume operators prefer the power of the K-3007 and K-3008 to keep production moving. Ornamental, FRC, and smaller panel plants often select the smaller output of the K-3003 and K-3004 for their great etch. We are proud to have played a role in the many awards that our customers have earned over the years.