kem-o-kleen masonry cleaner system
The World's Best Masonry Cleaning and Restoration Systems - Designed by a Mason for use by Masons and Professional Masonry Cleaners.

In the early 1970s, Charlie Hewett, a mason by trade, knew there had to be a better way to clean new masonry and restore existing masonry. He designed and patented the Kem-O-Kleen ®. Since then, the product has been continuously improved and refined, including a number of new features unique enough to be patented. Strong repeat purchases from existing customers, and our long history, are evidence of the product’s value.

  • Cut cleaning time to less than half of traditional methods - quick pay-back on investment
  • Thorough, consistent cleaning - chemical is precisely controlled
  • Use less chemical to do the job - designed for muriatic acid, and other masonry cleaning chemicals
  • Precise control of chemical quantity applied
  • Rugged heavy duty durable construction - designed for the job site
  • 200’ of hose - covers plenty of area
  • A variety of models to fit all applications and budgets

Kem-O-Kleen Masonry Cleaning Systems come in a variety of performance levels to fit a variety of budgets. Our most popular model is the MK3 hot water unit, while some of our masons prefer the C-3004 cold water machine.