Industrial Pressure Washers

Industrial pressure washers are ideal for removing dirt, stains, paint  and other debris from buildings, brick, concrete and asphalt. In many cases, they are also used for acid etching, GFRC etching, finishing architectural precast products, chemical masonry cleaning and disinfection when the introduction of chemicals is required. These machines are used in many industries, such as manufacturing, food processing, and construction. How do industrial pressure washers work? What are the advantages of purchasing? We explore these questions in this article.

Almost everyone is familiar with pressure washers, if not from other sources, then from self-service car washes. But these devices are not the same as the industrial units we are talking about. Key differences include: the ability to introduce chemicals, a constant flow of heat and higher pressure capabilities.

Another difference is that we build our industrial pressure washers or chemical etching systems with premium materials and commercial grade components. Stainless steel axle and frame, two-wire braid/wrapped pressure hose, stainless steel wand pipe, commercial rated engine and pump, and stainless steel recirculation tank are among the premium materials used to build our industrial pressure washers.

We only use 304, corrosion free alloy, instead of the cheaper, corrosion prone variety used by many industrial pressure washer manufacturers. Due to our rigorous engineering and testing each part of the machine provides: ease of use, performance, durability and safety in a rugged environment.

Applications of  Industrial Pressure Washer

Industrial-grade power washers are utilized in many industries because of their ability to quickly clean even the most special surfaces while providing a superior finish than other washing units. One of the most common industries to use industrial power washers is the commercial construction industry, as there are many areas of application like architectural precast, masonry cleaning, acid etching, GFRC etching and more.

Stationary Cleaning Units

Other common applications include:

  • Airports: To improve the safety of arriving and departing aircraft, large high-pressure cleaners are used to remove rubber and paint deposits from runways. In addition to cleaning aircrafts and concrete in hangers.
  • Municipalties: Graffiti removal is performed by municipalities using high-pressure cleaners with chemical agents like our MK Series Mobile Cleaning and Chemical Etching Systems
  • Ports and ships: All water-affected areas of harbors are infested with algae, including ships and walkways and engine rooms which require constant cleaning for safety and maintenance reasons.
  • Buildings: commercial building owners use pressure washers to keep their buildings clean, to etch concrete and GFRC applications.
  • Masonry cleaning: Masonry restoration and maintenance uses heated high-pressure water and chemical washing techniques to maintain the exterior surfaces of buildings.


There are numerous benefits offered by our high-pressure washing units, including: 

  • Portable or stationary, depending on the needs of the user.
  • Requires less manpower
  • Provides a superior finish
  • Can be used in small spaces while minimizing splash or over spray
  • Allows for the introduction of acid or chemicals
  • Is more cost-effective compared to traditional methods
  • Water pressure and temperatures are more consistent.
  • Commercial trucks and construction equipment
  • Mining/oil & gas


At Unique Industries, our industrial pressure washers are developed to meet the most specific needs in any industry. Equipment is designed to provide the right mix of pressure, heat, and chemicals required for the job.

For more information about Unique Industries Industrial Pressure Washer machines, visit our website or call us. Our Customer Success Team will be happy to help you find the right solution.